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Dinos consulting accompanies you and helps you export to North Africa.
    Our Signs of Identity to overcome the difficulties of collaboration are:
  • ·Seriousness.
  • ·Trust.
  • ·Empathy.
  • ·Perseverance.
  • Sales growth
  • Internalization in the Maghreb area
  • Digitization of processes for expansion

Who we are

We are experts in business development in North Africa.

Dinos Consulting is an international consultancy focused on offering solutions for Spanish SMEs that want to sell their products or services in North Africa and with 10 years’ experience in this area, representing and selling products of Spanish companies in the Maghreb market.

The DNA of Dinos Consulting is the sale and offers solutions for many questions and worries that may arise from SMEs interested in exporting their product in the Maghreb area such as: «Is my product competitive in the Maghreb market? » «What should I do to successfully integrate into local sales channels? » Dinos Consulting is also the guarantee of success and offers the solution to one of the most difficult tasks in the export process is to find an appropriate distribution channel that gives us good coverage in the foreign market and that also, have a relationship of mutual trust with our company.

As a specialized consultant and with a long experience in trade in North Africa, we have a priority objective, to open channels for the sale and optimal development of internationalization projects in the Maghreb market.

"Dinos is a consultant of shared facts, actions and achievements"

Internationalization requires awareness and patience, where the road is long, complex and requires teamwork with medium-long-term objectives. Following our philosophy of flexibility and innovation we adapt our experience and knowledge to the needs of our customers to develop customized projects.

Having the specific negotiating abilities and conditions for the countries of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia) gives us added value, and together with the long experience on the field, we are able to open sales channels and they will be moved to your project.

Proud to be differents.

Dinos Distribution prides itself on being different, offering a creative approach, close and personal applying in the field our recipes to overcome the difficulties of collaboration, for the distribution of all types of products and industries throughout North Africa. If you’re looking to open a market in North Africa, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk...

Our services

Our DNA is the sale, we offer a wide range of services, thanks to which we are able to develop specific and tailored solutions for each of your company’s needs, together with an innovative philosophy of global work and at the same time close and committed.

We are your Consultancy in North Africa:

- We analyze the reality on the ground and propose a direct and precise plan.

- We identify the customer in the field, we offer continuously and we keep you informed.

- We serve your customers and propose how to improve your offer continuously.

A solution for manufacturers who bring their offer to new customers with the addition of new distributors. We accompany you in the prospecting and evaluation of new collaborators that fit your channel strategy and that integrate your product in its offer:

• We identify and qualify potential distributors. • We present the collaboration proposal and accompany you in the negotiation

Externalization the Export Department to North Africa.

This strategic decision allows companies to leverage expertise, reduce operating costs and focus on core competencies for this area. Buy/sell operations at North Africa level, search for suppliers, shipment of goods, document management and logistics operations.

I want to increase my sales.

We put a face to your product in front of the purchasing departments. We are the right tool with specific conditions and the best accompaniment to your exports in destination. We propose new ways to increase your sales.

Support for partners and customers.

Dinos Distribution is in an excellent position to provide solutions that not only meet the needs of distributors and partners, but ultimately, meet the needs of its customers that are not adequately addressed with conventional products offered in major distribution channels.

Distribution in the Maghreb.

At Dinos Distribution we work closely with our distributors to meet the growing needs of customers. With a clear focus on understanding changing market requirements, we are in an excellent position to provide products that meet current and future customer demands.

Sectors of action

Products of industrial supply, construction, motors for closures, wheels, metal fittings of glass and aluminum, iron and aluminum machinery, plastic packaging products, among others.